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Training chess

Train chess

Here are our resources for chess training. Click on the pertinent section in order to access the content: tactics, strategy, endgames, openings. You can also go directly into the posts of your interest. On the left, you can explore our categories; on the right you will see our most recent publications. Each section is dedicated to one aspect of chess training. Enjoy your practice!



Improve your tactical abilities and your vision for chess combinations. In this section, you will find resources for chess tactics training: explanations, exercises, classified puzzles... Tactics are the basis of chess thinking. They consist of the classification of patterns of attack and defense in chess. In other words, tactics consist of the analysis of possibilities for the execution of strategical objectives. For this reason, tactics are the most fundamental aspect of chess.


Improve your strategy and your positional understanding of chess. Here you will find didactic materials that will help you perfect your intuition, your handling of typical positions and pawn structures, and your planning and execution skills. Strategy is the most complex aspect of chess and the most difficult to study. However, strategical insight is one of the trademarks of the good chess player.


In this section you will be able to practice chess endgames. These are positions in which very few pieces are left on the board. Consequently, endgames are the perfect tool for learning chess tactical and strategical concepts. Moreover, studying endgames helps you master the movements and possibilities of each piece. On top of that, endgames have a great practical value, since many of the endgame methods apply to many positions.


Study and practice openings with the most informative materials: master analyses, model games, opening repertoires... The opening consists of the initial moves of the game. We provide you with advice on how to study and train openings so that you can save time and improve your efficiency. The opening is the most heavily studied phase of the game of chess, and therefore is one of the easiest to learn. For this reason, they are an endless resource of didactic ideas. Learning openings helps you classify and memorize tactical and strategical patterns, improving your general understanding of the game.