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Chess for a wide public, novices and experts. We offer you resources for learning and training, as wel as valuable and interesting information about chess. Join our community and take advantage of all our services. In addition, as a member of Chess and Mind, you will be able to give your opinion and participate in the debate about current chess affairs.



Learn chess in the easiest and most entertaining way. Improve your chess with high-quality teachings. Players of all levels will find adequate and profitable content. We offer you a selection of classical games, advice from experts, and a collection of didactic materials: : read, watch videos, reproduce games...




The perfect place for tournament players. Practice your abilities solving chess puzzles, classified by themes and levels of difficulty: checkmate search, táctics, strategy, endgames... You will also find master lessons organized by the different facets of the game, In addition, we help you construct your opening repertoire with master analyses and exercises. In order to improve at chess, training is paramount. Remember that practice makes perfect!




Inform yourself and share your opinion about the less technical aspects of chess: politics, tournament systems, chess institutions... Moreover, in Chess and Mind we are very interested in the relationship between chess and society at large: education, science, psychology, sports, and other cultural domains. One of the main goals of this project is to understand how chess affects the mind and the mind affects chess. Join the debate!




Purchase exclusive products that you will not find in any other shop or website.




Become a member of Chess and Mind and benefit from all the content of this site without restrictions. It's free!